There’s two things I am passionate about. 1. Helping people find out what they love to do and cultivating transformation through responsibility, creativity and action and 2. knowing God more and setting the world on fire with his love by broadcasting the truth of who He is and what He has made available to us through faith for actualizing our destiny.

I’ve always been passionate about being a voice and empowering the voices of others. When I was little I knew I wanted to sing. During middle and high school I channeled my passion to draw out success in others through cheerleading. In college, I got a Bachelors in voice performance.Though I loved learning about mastering the art of singing, the experience struck me as a detour. It seemed like I just got side tracked by submitting to the box of jumping through the fixed number of hoops it required to complete my degree, while becoming 5 years older.
And strangely, the more I knew, the farther I traveled from the clarity of my passion.

I got married while in school and started my family before I even graduated. Over the years I coached voice on and off and raised 5 kids with my husband Dan. As my kids were growing up I poured out my passion for them to believe they had all the world within their reach if they would give themselves permission to take their talents and passions seriously as the impact they were meant to be on the world. But as is often the case when you are the mom, in their eyes, I didn’t seem to know what I was talking about:)

For a long time they made their plans, discounting what they really loved best and looking for income that could be generated through a job or practical degree of some sort. I looked on with a bit of despair at times but I realized that, if I wanted them to take a chance on believing in themselves, I was going to have to walk the talk and take myself seriously.

At first it was so difficult to get the creative juices flowing again. I couldn’t even think of any dreams when I first tried. It was hard to pick out my purpose out of all the things I was interested in. I liked the idea of having my own business, so I started a few at home businesses. Then I got really excited about the growth of social media and how I could see it as an almost limitless vehicle for connecting your value and message with the people who were happy to experience it. I began to think, maybe I could help businesses make the transition from traditional marketing, though I doubted my self, not being technically minded.

I also thought of ways I could use social media to help my kids make income from the things they were gifted in rather than through a job or degree. So I began to buy training and to equip myself to help myself, my kids and other businesses. My kids did begin to believe income could flow for them through doing what they love and now are enjoying that reality. But in the first year of this electronic media training, I got sidetracked by a constantly evolving supply of new technical tools available on the net and sort of fell into a vortex of over training that sucked the life out of me, left me overwhelmed and less and less confident. Eventually though, I got back to my core belief that if you do what you love, you will create value that others want and need. And the simplest plan to connect those two is actually the most powerful.

Encouraging others to believe in themselves was clearly one of my biggest passions as I constantly gravitated to that activity. And while that is what I love to do, I discovered that believing in myself entailed something more. I had yet to take on my passion to be a voice not just a coach. The scariest thing I found I would need to do in order to stand up and own my destiny would be to admit that I wanted to break through obstacles people had through speaking, writing, singing and that my greatest thrill would be to blast through obstacles that keep people from knowing God by broadcasting truth around the world about who God is and what He has made available to us, so that we can overcome every obstacle to having joy and abundant life living out our destiny in intimate relationship with Him.

So here I am walking that out on this blog and taking steps to walk my talk. If you find anything good, encouraging or helpful here, I would be so thankful to hear about it on the comments. It is my hope that something here will touch the sleeping giant of your destiny and waken the greatness in you and the fullness of passionate intimacy with God that will forever wreck you for the ordinary.

I believe in you 🙂