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Stewarding Hope

“With great power comes great responsibility. Sadly, I fear too many of us have failed to recognize that when it comes to what we say and how we act out our political beliefs. I only hope we can somehow overcome that in the next few years.” Bryan M. Vance – On the Power and Responsibility of Words

This is a timely testimony about the power of words.

I feel the weght of this not just in regards to the responsibility we have for words that invite violence, but also that rob hope, especially for children.

In another generation children despaired over the impending threat of atomic warfare. The freedom with which parents are sharing a message of defeat with their children is not just irresponsible but in fact wrong. No matter the level of disappointment this election result leaves adults with, our children deserve glistening hope. If you don’t have that, you need to step back and get a bigger picture.

As adults we naturally forget how to see problems from the belief that there are infinitely more ways to overcome problems than what we logically can conceive. As we lay aside our ability to dream as a child we learn to see things through a filter that magnifies our own fears.

But time after time history has shown that one person acting in faith can move mountains of injustice. The reality of hope is something we need to steward better. Our children need us to think bigger and not bear the responsibility for our lack of faith.

This was my belief for either outcome of the election and determined response.

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